The “LUNCH BUNCH BOOKS” are an ongoing book series for kids. Each book is designed to teach them not one, but TWO lessons. A lesson in life, followed by a lesson on the nutritional value of food. Below are the first three books completed and published. Each character is a food, and then the main character,  the star, is featured after the story with its nutritional value and facts. After that kids will enjoy a coloring book with the same story that they had just read and learned from, but with no color. Your children, as well as your grandchildren will love it.


Lunch Bunch Books


“Molly’s Dream”

(Book #1)

This is a story of Molly having a dream.

It educates the children on the importance of paying attention and obedience to their parents.

Followed by a watermelon’s nutritional value.


“Chip’s Lesson”

(Book #2)

This book is about Chip Potato learning a lesson on the importance of listening to his school teacher.

Followed by a potato chip’s nutritional value.


“Alvin’s Day at the Lake

(Book #3)

Alvin Apple and his day at the lake is a fun lesson on using sun screen to keep from getting sunburn.

Followed by an apple’s nutritional value.



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