The Books

Lunch Bunch Books

These books have a really good and fun visual, and are a great read during parent and child bonding.


Book #1 Molly’s Dream


This is a story of Molly Melon having a dream. It educates children on the value of obedience and also watermelon’s nutritional value. Educative, informative and entertaining, this book will not only open readers’ imagination but also inspire them to reach their true potential.


Join Molly Melon while she experiences an adventurous dream with a very engaging narrative.

Book #2 Chip’s Lesson


This book is about Chip Potato learning a lesson in school. It also educates children on potato chip’s nutritional value. Told in an engaging narrative and accompanied by lively imagination, this book teaches readers an important lesson they will never forget.


Come and journey with Chip Potato and find out how he mends his ways.


Book #3 Alvin’s Day at the Lake


On a very hot and sunny day, Alvin Apple and his friend Steven Stringbean have built a raft and are ready to test it in the lake.  Watch while Alvin Apple learns a very good lesson from a personal experience.




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